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Mountain Condo REMODEL

This cozy mountain condo in Steamboat, CO is ready for an update! The clients would like to take there condo in to an updated, elevated, traditional condo. With new finishes, paint, furniture, lighting, and of coarse removing the popcorn ceiling! Disclaimer: there are no after photos yet, for this post I am going to show ideas and the concept me and the client discussed about!


Materials Board

3D Model design photos

Design Ideas: White walls, Teal accent wall, Wood feature wall, leather sleeper sofa, copper circle coffee tables, grey carpet, and grey baseboard/door trim/window trim.

Current Updates

Rug decisions on style and size. Painted under the counter from wood board to white. Now everything in the kitchen matches which helps the cohesiveness of the kitchen.

Baseboard and door trim color decisions. Final selection: light grey

Stay tuned for more updates!

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